Echoes and Butterflies

Echoes and Butterflies - Roxann Pattison It could have been so much better with an editor - or a better editor, if there was one. The typos, misused words, and parts of the story that just seemed to go on too long - while other parts that probably should have been followed up with weren't - made my enthusiasm for the read diminish as the book progressed.

I very much enjoyed the first half or so of the book but Susan seemed to change from an intelligent, mature woman to someone who couldn't see what was right in front of her or make intelligent choices. There were some interesting story arcs that just fell away while we went from senseless date to senseless date.

A good proof read would have helped. If this was an unpublished, online work, I could excuse most of the problems but I paid for this and expected at least a spell/grammar check. If you can ignore all of that, give it a shot. It was just a bit too much for me to overlook.