Brigit's Cross

Brigit's Cross  - B.L. Newport I would give it 2.5 stars, really, but the main reason for the low rating is because there are just so many misused words that I couldn't get past. There were several parts of the story, itself, that were tough for me to get behind and I caught myself thinking things like "what the hell?" and "why would they do that?".

But mostly the misused words, mostly typos that a spell checker wouldn't have caught but an editor or beta reader should have, drove me to distraction and I wasn't able to connect or care about the characters.

The premise is good and if I had read a cleaned up second edition (which I would recommend the author put out), I probably would have come away with a much different opinion of the book.

I heard lots of grumblings from other readers about the abrupt ending but I think I expected worse so it didn't bother me. It seemed typical of the growing trend in serialized books, no closure of any sort and more of a chapter break than the end of a book.

Lots of other people just loved the books so don't base your desire to read it on this review alone. I'm in a mood...