96 Hours

96 Hours - Georgia Beers I bought this book when it first came out because I'm a fan of Ms. Beers' work. I also kept putting off actually reading it because I didn't know how the 9/11 aspect would be handled and, well, I just wasn't ready to read it.

I think this may be the best book she's written - at least of those I've read. And I've read all but her most recent novella/short story compilation, Slices of Life. I got choked up many times and, in some ways, 11 years disappeared. While that's the backdrop and the reason behind many of the emotions displayed by the characters, the focus of the book is the changes that the characters, to include the secondary ones, experience. Of course, the building relationship between Abby and Erica is front and center and the author does a great job of building the tension.

I definitely recommend it to anyone who has enjoyed the author's work.