Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing - Susan X. Meagher Ok, a few of my friends mentioned that they really didn't like this book as much as many of Meagher's other books so my expectations were pretty low. I've read nearly all of the author's stand alone books and the first three of the Ryan and Jamie series (online versions of those) and I liked Smooth Sailing better than at least two of her other published novels.

It wasn't earth shattering, but I don't think it was meant to be. I recognized my wife in the Laurie character - workaholic, constantly busy, not happy without high-speed internet - and so I was able to relate to some of her issues that may have seemed like crap to someone else. I also have many of the same traits as Kaatje, although none of her physical ones. I love to relax but work hard when I need to.

Anyway, Meagher is one of my favorite authors. I didn't think she spent as much time on details as in some of her other books and that was GREAT! The story felt good to me. So there.