Happy to be done with this book.

Snake Skin - C.J. Lyons

There was a lot of potential for an interesting and thrilling read. Unfortunately, that's all it had: potential. 


I didn't find a single character or scenario in the book remotely genuine. The writing didn't flow well at all and the author's use of strange or nonsensical metaphors and similes was distracting. 


Instead of having a book with a kick-ass female protagonist I wanted to see succeed, I read about an FBI agent who didn't seem to be able to figure out basic things on her own or even have the desire to learn about them. The agents and others working the case from other policing agencies never bothered to consult an actual mental health professional but, instead, seemed to rely on Lucy's husband for random bits of insight was just one of the many B.S. things that kept my eyes rolling. And I won't even discuss the ridiculousness of the bad guy or how they figured out it was him. Ugh.


If you do decide to give this one a go, I strongly suggest staying away from the audio book. The narrator made a bad book even worse. 


Others will disagree with me but I found very little worthwhile in this book. I'm giving it two stars because the idea was good.