Not what I expected

Intensity - Dean Koontz, Kate Burton

I went back and forth between 3.5 and 4 stars for this one and rounded up mostly because the narration was well done. 


I spent a good chunk of the first many chapters convinced that this was going to be just like the French movie High Tension. There were so many similarities but it turns out it was very different. 


It's hard to describe this book without using the word "intense" so the title definitely fits. Although, that's not where the name comes from. You'll have to read it to find that out.


I definitely enjoyed the story and the two main characters. We get a pretty good look into the killer's head and I liked what Koontz did with him. He's not what I'm used to when it comes to reading about someone who enjoys torturing and killing people. Our heroine is interesting and bad-ass. And her childhood makes mine look like a lovely dream. 


There were some places where my attention waned and I kind of wish it had ended sooner than it actually did but I still enjoyed the shit out of this book.