Love Amanda & Michelle

Departure from the Script - Jae

This was a very quick and enjoyable read. I'm a huge fan of Jae's historical romances and have enjoyed most of her shape-shifter books. Oh, and the detective series, too. Departure from the Script joins the others on my "yep, I liked this book" list. 


I won't lie, I was a little annoyed at the number of times the couple were interrupted during intimate times - not just physically intimate, but emotionally intimate, as well. It happened so often that the characters were annoyed, too. But I liked Amanda and Michelle so much that it wasn't that much of a hardship to just roll with it. 


The writing was good and the dialogue felt natural. These women felt like real folks and it's always a joy to read a romance that has believable situations and genuine characters. There was no misunderstandings or exaggerated angst - I had not a single instance of wanting to shake the hell out of someone. I don't think I had any bullshit moments, either. 


I've already got the sequel loaded up and ready to go.