My first and likely my last Scottoline book

Every Fifteen Minutes - Lisa Scottoline

I was pretty excited to read this book but quickly started to regret my choice. It took several hours for me to feel somewhat involved in the story. It felt like very little happened to keep me engaged. The main POV is that of Dr. Eric Parrish, the chief of the psychiatry unit at a major hospital. To say that Eric is incredibly ethical is probably an understatement. But he's also incredibly boring and makes so many bad choices that, honestly, by the end of the book I was hoping he would be framed for murder and sent to prison or killed. Really. The narrator didn't help matters with the inflections he chose to use during many of the conversations which made the characters sound flippant when they should have sounded serious.


The concept of the story was interesting but I didn't care for the execution. There were some twists that made me second, and third and fourth, guess myself but by that point, I didn't care who did it or why. And the ultimate why made me roll my eyes and groan.


I've heard some of her earlier books were good but I don't know that I'd bother with them after Every Fifteen Minutes.